What insurances do sole traders need?

18 July

There are lots of reasons to be a sole trader – to simplify your business or  if you’re just starting out are some of the common ones.  Maybe you’re an artist or graphic designer working from home. Perhaps you’ve got a side hustle as a...[Read More]

How to avoid being scammed online by hackers

18 July

Criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approach to online scams, with ‘social engineering’ a common tool used by fraudsters.  Helping staff to understand how social engineering works is one of the most important frontline...[Read More]

Creating a stress-free environment: Top 10 tips

11 July

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everyday responsibilities.    Whether you live alone or with an active family, the clutter and chaos that often accompany busy people can contribute to stress and anxiety.   Here...[Read More]

Steps for your business to take following a cyber data breach

11 July

It’s not if but when a business will experience a cyber breach. Which means it’s vital to be prepared before one happens.  The first step for a small business experiencing a cyber breach is to enact its cyber security incident response...[Read More]

How will ESG risks impact my small business?

11 July

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies and planning are fast becoming a necessity for businesses, rather than a nice-to-have.   It’s not just big corporates – even the smallest enterprises should consider ESG risks and how to...[Read More]

Tactics targeting parents, kids in online junk food ads

10 July

Junk food companies have honed in on fresh tactics to target children, parents and teenagers by using online algorithms. Research into Facebook ads by Melbourne Law School and the Australian Ad Observatory found brands are buying a “halo effect”...[Read More]

Introduction to starting a trade

4 July

Entering a trade can be a rewarding and lucrative career path, offering a blend of practical skills, hands-on work, and, often, the opportunity to be your own boss.  Unlike many traditional career paths, trades typically require less time in formal...[Read More]

Top tips for healthy relationships

4 July

Whether it’s with family members, friends, co-workers or a romantic partner, maintaining healthy relationships is crucial to one’s happiness and personal growth. Moreover, social connections affect one’s health and ability to manage...[Read More]

Types of commercial insurance your business will need

4 July

Whether you’re a business owner, supplier, or contractor, commercial insurance is essential to safeguard both your company and staff. With commercial insurance, your business and company assets are protected from certain risks like accidents or...[Read More]

How an insurance adviser can help you at claim time

4 July

Dealing with insurance claims can be challenging, as it requires you to fill in a seemingly endless number of forms and provide detailed information. Insurance claims may also be filed while you’re dealing with the repair or replacement of recent...[Read More]

Planning on renovating? Your home insurance may not cover you

13 June

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has noted a surge in renovation applications and approvals, indicating a widespread trend among Australians to revamp their homes, especially in areas like kitchens and bathrooms. However, unlike the...[Read More]

Professional services insurance

27 June

Your job as a professional requires you to apply your expertise to satisfy the requirements of your clientele/patients. Your customers count on you to provide high-quality services and expert guidance. However, despite your best efforts, there’s...[Read More]

Safeguarding Cyber space – how safe is your business?

19 June

In this digital age, businesses of all sizes face an increasingly complex and formidable adversary: cybercriminals. The landscape of cybercrime is evolving, such that even an innocent computer keystroke can unlock boundless unforeseen perils. Given...[Read More]

Tips on how to start selling your products and services online

27 June

Selling online can offer businesses the potential to reach a much wider audience. But it’s important to enhance your operations to make the most of online channels. Promotions Warehouse knows this only too well. It sells an array of marketing...[Read More]

Understanding the Importance of Income Protection Insurance

13 June

When we think about insurance, our minds often gravitate toward the tangible assets we own. We insure our cars against accidents, our homes against damage, and even the contents within our homes against theft or loss.  Yet, one of the most critical...[Read More]